About us

About us

Shandong Yanhe Chemical Co., Ltd., is a manufacturing and trading combo. The main products are industrial hydrogen chloride (purity: 99%), chemical hydrogen chloride (purity: 99.8-99.9%), electronic hydrogen chloride (purity: 99.998-99.999%), high purity chlorine (purity: 99.999-99.9995%).

Zibo Wandali Special Gas Factory is directly affiliated to the hydrogen chloride production base of Yanhe Chemical. 

Factory has an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons of high-purity hydrogen chloride production line, continuously mass produces 5N (99.999%) electronic (VLSI) hydrogen chloride which is used in the production of single crystal silicon epitaxial wafer, as well as 2.8N (99.8%) chemical hydrogen chloride which is applied to manufacture pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides and fine chemicals. With the advanced performance and stable quality.

Our steel bottled electronic hydrogen chloride products were respectively inspected by domestic well-known material research center and Ministry of Information Industry Special Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The result conforms to national standard GB/T24469-2009 with purity greater than 99.999% and total impurity content less than 5ppm. We passed the evaluation of Beijing science and technology commission, obtained authoritative patents, and has independent intellectual property rights.

The high-purity electronic hydrogen chloride gas has been proved by many semiconductor material manufacturers domestic and overseas in the use of monocrystalline silicon wafers gas phase polishing, epitaxial substrate corrosion and hard alloy coating process. Its main performance technical indicators are comparable to those of foreign products. In this way, it shows the ability of manufacturing electronic hydrogen chloride products in China.

Welcome new and old customers to our company for visiting and exchanging work! Helping customers to use every bottle of hydrogen chloride gas is our 33 years of constant commitment!

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